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More children being exposed to chemicals in laundry detergent, study finds

Avoiding toxic chemicals in household products is paramount for many families today. But sometimes the products themselves can pose a serious danger to your family; such is the case with laundry detergent pods. The popularity of these pods is only increasing, and with their increase in use comes the increase…

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Toxic chemicals in outdoor products of leading brands, Greenpeace study finds

Going camping, fishing, and hiking are just a few of the ways humans try to “get in touch with Mother Nature”. But when we’re getting closer to nature, are we really introducing it to harmful chemicals and putting ourselves in danger? A recent study by Greenpeace found hazardous toxins known…

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Contaminating Our Bodies With Everyday Products

It seems as though on a weekly basis we are learning more and more about the dangers of certain toxic chemicals. These are chemicals that have been linked to “prostate cancer, genital deformities, obesity, diabetes and infertility.” Yet, companies that that have a stake in these toxic chemicals continue to…

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Some 3-D Printed Parts May Leach Toxic Chemicals

In the last few years 3-D printing has become all the rage. 3-D printers are getting smaller, cheaper, and better. The ability to 3-D print replacement car parts, prosthetics, and even organs is a huge step for science and technology. Unfortunately, it appears there may be serious concerns when it…

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Fracking Chemicals May Mess With Hormones, Lower Sperm Counts

A new study has linked issues with long-term reproductive health to chemicals used during “oil and natural gas production, including fracking.” Fracking is a process by which “companies use a mix of pressurized water, sand and chemicals to unlock hydrocarbon reserves deep in shale rock.” Chemicals such as benzene, toluene, and…

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House panel approves toxic chemical safety bill

On June 3rd, the House Energy and Commerce Committee moved forward with a toxic chemical safety bill. The TCSA Modernization Act will make substantial changes to the Toxic Substances Control Act that’s currently in place. The changes are in important in that they “would force the Environmental Protection Agency to…

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Scientists: Common chemicals in pizza boxes, backpacks may cause cancer

Americans love pizza, like really love it. In fact, according to recent surveys 94% of Americans eat pizza regularly, and 93% of us have eaten pizza in the last month. But a new study shows that consuming pizza could put our health in jeopardy. The concern is so serious that…

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Home Depot to remove toxic chemical from vinyl flooring

By now must of us know the potential danger our family is in if exposed to phthalates. Over the years, phthalates have been linked to hormone disruptions and even cancer. Our government has taken steps to ensure our safety by limiting “phthalates to less than 0.1% of the material…

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Beware toxic pesticides used at vacation spots

We’re now more than a month into spring, and summer will be here before you know it. That means many families will be taking spring or summer vacations. Some of will stay in a log cabin by a lake in the mountains, some will take a trip Florida or California…

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Tips for a Lush, Organic Lawn

We’re now a little more than two weeks into the spring season. It’s a great time for family bike rides, a picnic at the park, or planting fresh flowers in your home garden. In fact, spring is one of the most popular times of the year for many yard projects…

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