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Some 3-D Printed Parts May Leach Toxic Chemicals

In the last few years 3-D printing has become all the rage. 3-D printers are getting smaller, cheaper, and better. The ability to 3-D print replacement car parts, prosthetics, and even organs is a huge step for science and technology. Unfortunately, it appears there may be serious concerns when it comes to the safety of 3-D printing. According to a new study, “parts made by a common 3-D printing method are toxic to zebrafish, a model organism often used to predict toxicological effects on humans.” The study was conducted by exposing Zebrafish to “disks printed with stereolithography”, the exposed Zebrafish “lacked normal coloring, showed abnormal swelling, and died within a week…”While the results of the study are troubling and more studies need to be conducted, research adviser William H. Grover says, “3-D printing waste should be carefully managed to prevent harm to ecosystems.”

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