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Blood pressure medicine produced by Pfizer recalled due to elevated nitrosamine levels

Pfizer has issued a nationwide recall of some of their most popular drugs. No, not the one used in hopes of preventing COVID-19. They’ve issued a recall of nearly a dozen varieties of their blood pressure medications. The voluntary recall was initiated… Continue Reading

Holes in Excedrin bottles leads to recall of more than 400,00 bottles

If Excedrin is your go-to painkiller of choice, the latest recall is one you’re really going to want to pay attention to. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has issued a recall of 430,000 bottles of their popular painkiller Excedrin because the bottles had a hole… Continue Reading

Five types of extended release metformin recalled over NDMA concerns

Metformin is an oral diabetes medication taken to control the blood sugar levels of the patient. ER Metformin stands for “extended release” metformin. Yesterday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced that 5 companies have voluntarily recalled their ER Metformin over NDMA… Continue Reading

Type 1 Diabetes insulin pump recalled, responsible for 2,000 injuries and 1 death

Today’s recall alert isn’t toxin or chemical related, but it is health related, and therefore important. A Class I recall, the most serious of all U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recalls, has been issued for Medtronic MiniMed insulin pumps. These… Continue Reading

A common drug prescribed to more than 10 million annually may cause melanoma

Hydrochlorothiazide, a diuretic used to treat everything from hypertension and osteoporosis, to diabetes has now been linked to an increased risk of melanoma based on the findings of a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Researchers at the University of Southern Denmark… Continue Reading

Some heartburn drugs linked with higher risk of death

Advancements in modern science have led to major breakthroughs in not only pain medications, but drugs taken on a daily or weekly basis to help maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Heartburn medications are one such improvement. Regularly taken PPIs (proton pump… Continue Reading

EPA Decides Not To Ban A Pesticide, Despite Its Own Evidence Of Risk

There are bad decisions, and then there are decisions so baffling they defy logic to the point you can’t believe what you’re actually reading or seeing. The latest decision by the Environmental Protective Agency (EPA) would fall into the latter category. Despite… Continue Reading

10 Things Every American Should Know About Toxins

Today, more and more Americans are becoming aware of just how dangerous toxic chemicals can be to our bodies. The extremely harmful toxic chemicals can be found in products ranging from toys our children play with, to the cosmetics we use on… Continue Reading

Periodontal Disease Linked to Life Threatening Diseases

The common cold is the second most common infection, the first… periodontal disease aka Gum disease. In fact, “by the age of 35, most people have some level of gum disease.” The mouth contains over 400 species of gum disease causing bacteria.… Continue Reading