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EPA Decides Not To Ban A Pesticide, Despite Its Own Evidence Of Risk

There are bad decisions, and then there are decisions so baffling they defy logic to the point you can’t believe what you’re actually reading or seeing. The latest decision by the Environmental Protective Agency (EPA) would fall into the latter category. Despite the EPA categorizing chlorpyrifos as a pesticide that “could pose risks to consumers” during President Obama’s administration, they have decided to keep the pesticide on the market.

Chlorpyrifos, known by its brand name of Lorsban, has been used since the 1960s by American farmers. The chemical is used to keep unwanted insects off of crops. There is such concern about the chemical among farmers that they often wear protective clothing when applying it to their crops. Chlorpyrifos has been shown to cause “dizziness, vomiting, and diarrhea”. What makes the EPA’s decision even more perplexing is that they banned the use of the chemical by the American public when used “indoors to get rid of household bugs.”

The results of tests on those exposed to chlorpyrifos have been far from inconclusive. For every study showing that it’s not harmful to our health, there’s ten more that show it’s extremely dangerous. A large number of states aren’t taking the new lying down. Democrats from seven states are formally challenging the EPA. This will be an important story to follow over the next few months.

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