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10 Things Every American Should Know About Toxins

Today, more and more Americans are becoming aware of just how dangerous toxic chemicals can be to our bodies. The extremely harmful toxic chemicals can be found in products ranging from toys our children play with, to the cosmetics we use on a daily basis. What’s especially alarming is the number of products containing potentially harmful chemicals that go untested. In fact, “more than 80,000 chemicals permitted for use in the United States have never been fully tested for toxicity to humans, let alone children or fetuses.” Sadly, with the chemical industry raking in more than $770 billion dollars annually, it’s no surprise that more tests aren’t done on these toxins. There is one clear way Americans can send a message to the United States government and big businesses that they want the toxic chemicals removed from their products for good, don’t buy them. By purchasing only organic cleaning products, foods, and toys you’ll truly be voting with your wallet.

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