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Tips for a Lush, Organic Lawn

We’re now a little more than two weeks into the spring season. It’s a great time for family bike rides, a picnic at the park, or planting fresh flowers in your home garden. In fact, spring is one of the most popular times of the year for many yard projects such as fertilizing, weeding, and treating for bugs. There isn’t much more that represents spring than a freshly manicured, beautiful green lawn. Today though, many of those lawns are being destroyed by toxic chemicals. Commercial pesticides and herbicides are chock-full of toxins that are dangerous to not only our families; they’re also harmful to our lawns. According to many experts the chemicals are even changing the way grass lives and grows, stating “After years of being inundated by chemicals to fend off grubs, eradicate weeds, and green up the turf, the natural capacity of the soil to perform these tasks itself has ceased operation, practitioners say.” But fear not, there is a cure. Simply stop using pesticides and herbicides containing toxic chemicals. Lawns have the ability to bounce back on their own, and many will bounce back stronger and healthier than ever.

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