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Toxic chemicals in outdoor products of leading brands, Greenpeace study finds

Going camping, fishing, and hiking are just a few of the ways humans try to “get in touch with Mother Nature”. But when we’re getting closer to nature, are we really introducing it to harmful chemicals and putting ourselves in danger? A recent study by Greenpeace found hazardous toxins known as PFCs (Perfluorinated compunds) in 36 of the 40 products they tested. The products include “bags, jackets, trousers, tents and sleeping bags by a number of leading brands.” PFCs have been in use since the 1950s, and have been linked to reproductive and developmental problems in animals. Scientists across the world have sought to have PFCs outright banned, with more than 200 coming together last year to sign the Madrid Statement seeking thing ban. One company is meeting the standards that Greenpeace would like to see, that’s Paramo, and they joined Greenpeace is encouraging other brands to remove PFCs from their products. North Face is the largest outdoor supplier, and one the eyes of the industry are watching. North Face has stated it is their goal to eliminate PFCs in their products by 2020. Let’s hope that not only do other companies follow suit, but that they can speed up their process of eliminating the harmful toxins.

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