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Scientists: Common chemicals in pizza boxes, backpacks may cause cancer

Americans love pizza, like really love it. In fact, according to recent surveys 94% of Americans eat pizza regularly, and 93% of us have eaten pizza in the last month. But a new study shows that consuming pizza could put our health in jeopardy. The concern is so serious that “Hundreds of scientists are campaigning to ban chemical [sic] used in many household products, including pizza boxes, because they may pose a cancer risk.” PFA’s are Poly-and perfluoroalkyl substances and they have been banned partially for a number of years, unfortunately they are still used in other forms in “millions of products worldwide.” PFA’s are used in the creation of products to help them “resist moisture and high temperatures”. PFA’s have been found in pizza boxes, as well as sleeping bags, electronics, backpacks, and even aviation and automotive equipment. PFA’s have been shown to cause endocrine disruption and immunotoxicity. Not everyone is convinced they are dangerous, with critics of the study stating that the chemicals “have been found safe.” What is clear is that work remains to be done to determine the sort of health risks PFA’s pose to our health.

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