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More children being exposed to chemicals in laundry detergent, study finds

Avoiding toxic chemicals in household products is paramount for many families today. But sometimes the products themselves can pose a serious danger to your family; such is the case with laundry detergent pods. The popularity of these pods is only increasing, and with their increase in use comes the increase in the number of children they harmed by them. From 2013-2014 “there was a 17% increase in reports of children under six exposing themselves to the pods. The pods themselves are actually considered “more dangerous” than standard laundry detergents. Exposure to the laundry pods can lead to vomiting, choking, and eye-irritation. In some cases, exposure can lead to respiratory issues, comas, and even death. Brands such as Tide and Gain have taken notice, and are altering their packing to make it harder for children to open, and are also testing using a “foul-tasting substance” to make them less appetizing. Experts recommend using “traditional” laundry detergent while their children are young.

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