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The Toxic Truth Behind Mardi Gras Beads

The annual Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans, Louisiana is truly something everyone should experience at least once in their life. And with the Mardi Gras beads being sold in every almost every corner store across the nation from mid-February through mid-March,… Continue Reading

Candles pose health hazard, experts warn

Scented candles are used in roughly 70 percent of U.S. households, bring in more than $3 billion dollars annually, and make our homes smell great. They’re also a fire hazard, and the soot they produce when burned is potentially extremely toxic. Dr.… Continue Reading

Spills From Fracking Are Worse Than We Imagined

Debate rages on about just how “safe” fracking is, but don’t let anyone tell you that spills aren’t happening…and at an alarming rate. A new study published in Environmental Science & Technology shows that more than 6,600 “chemical spills related to hydraulic… Continue Reading

Dog’s death from licking toxic bread mould in recycling bin sparks warning to pet owners and parents

Standard and food waste recycling are good for Mother Earth, but they could be harmful to your children or family pet(s) if you don’t take special care of the material(s) you’re recycling. A family in the UK nearly lost both of their… Continue Reading

WARNING: Your Baby’s Sophie the Giraffe Toy Might Be Full of Mold

There may be no more popular gift for new parents than Sophie La Girafe, aka Sophie the Giraffe. Created and sold by French toy manufacturer Vulli, the popular teether toy has been the go-to choice for many parents since it first hit… Continue Reading

Target’s new chemicals policy hits a bullseye

Nationwide superstore chain Target has outlined a new chemicals strategy that “promises to cleanse its shelves, and the brands along its value chain, of toxic chemicals.” Target’s announcement on January 25th made toxic chemicals public enemy number one. Their decision could have… Continue Reading

Are there toxins in your fast food packaging?

Is the sugar and fat in fast food the least concerning about what many Americans are eating on almost a daily basis? According to Silent Spring Institute and lead researcher Laurel Schaider, that just may be the case. The study tested more… Continue Reading

Study of cancer-causing toxins finds e-cigarettes much safer than smoking

With the ever increasing popularity of e-cigarettes, which are sold as a healthy alternative to traditional cigarettes, serious questions are being raised about just how “healthy” they really are. E-cigarettes sales now exceed more than $8 billion dollars a year. While that… Continue Reading

Car Seats Save Lives, but Can Expose Children to Potentially Harmful Toxins

You’ve watched all the videos, read all of the parenting books, and combed through your new car seat manual. You’ve done everything you’ve been told you need to do to ensure your little bundle of joy is safe when placing them in… Continue Reading

Neurobehavioural effects of developmental toxicity

In February of 2014, doctors Philippe Grandjean, MD and Philip J Landrigan, MD, published a paper on the effects of certain industrial chemicals on the neurodevelopment of children’s brains. In this paper, the doctors outlined their concern over untested and new chemicals… Continue Reading

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