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Supplement Makers Brace for Federal GMO Labeling

Sometimes a law is created to answer the tough questions, take a bold new stance, or even simply to close loopholes in existing laws. And sometimes a law is created that actually raises more questions than it answers. The federal GMO (genetically… Continue Reading

Household dust is laced with toxic chemicals, study finds

A first of its kind new study has found that not only is dust the sign of a home that’s missed a cleaning or two, it’s also potentially harmful to our health. The newest concerns with dust go far beyond sneezing. The… Continue Reading

FDA stops sale of some antibacterial hand and body wash products

While antibacterial products aren’t going away, the FDA is finally taking steps to ensure they’re safer than they’ve ever been. It was announced last week that the United States Food and Drug Administration will no longer allow 19 different ingredients, including Triclosan, to… Continue Reading

Man-made toxic chemicals are found 7 miles below the Pacific

As our knowledge of the chemicals we use in our products grows, so does our understanding of how it affects the environment and the wildlife that’s a part of it. For years now we’ve known that toxic chemicals in products can now… Continue Reading

More children being exposed to chemicals in laundry detergent, study finds

Avoiding toxic chemicals in household products is paramount for many families today. But sometimes the products themselves can pose a serious danger to your family; such is the case with laundry detergent pods. The popularity of these pods is only increasing, and… Continue Reading

10 Toxic Chemicals to Avoid in Eye Makeup

With many organic and toxic-free options on the market today, it’s getting easier to avoid harsh chemicals in many of the products we use each day. Products such as the foods we eat and chemicals used to clean our homes are often… Continue Reading

Fancy Juice Doesn’t Cleanse the Body of Toxins

Chances are you’ve had more than a few people tell you they’re “on a juice cleanse” to rid their body of toxins. Here’s a little secret though, there’s very little chance their juice cleanse is ridding their body of any toxins. In… Continue Reading

Organic Foods Still Aren’t As Mass Market As You Might Think

The organic foods business has been booming the last few years, but are organic foods as popular as they seem? A recent study would suggest they are not. A study by the Journal of Food Products Marketing, measured the sales of 24… Continue Reading

This little plant can reduce the toxins in your home by 85%

Purchasing expensive electronics or isn’t the only way rid your home of harmful toxins, some house plants may have similar abilities. The “paints, carpeting, plastic toys, cleaning agents, and furniture” in our homes can all contain harmful toxins. Toxins in our home… Continue Reading

Reality Check: Does Yoga Release Toxins from the Body?

It’s 2016, and yoga is more popular than ever. As the years go on, its popularity only increases. Along with improving your balance, breathing, and core strength; yoga is said to help release toxins in your body. Studies have shown that yoga… Continue Reading

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