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Do we need organic blue jeans? No, but that’s never stopped us before.

Organic strawberries? Sure. Organic apples? Makes sense. Organic blue berries? Of course. Organic blue jeans? Wait, what? It’s true. All of it. Thanks to a company called Taylor Stitch, 100 percent organic selvedge jeans are now a thing.

Taylor Stitch wanted to recreate their famous line of blue jeans originally released in 2011 known as “’68 Denim”, but they only wanted to do so if the pants could be “100% organic and more sustainably made.” As Business Insider explains in their post, “traditional cotton uses 25% of the world's insecticides…” And as we know, insecticides are harmful to not only the environment, but humans as well. In addition to being created using cotton free from insecticides, the manufacturers created the jeans using new methods that will “save hundreds of thousands of gallons of water annually, countless watts of energy, and uses fewer chemicals.”

The story from Business Insider also includes a review of the fit and feel of the new organic jeans. So if owning organic blue jeans is important to you, we encourage you to visit the link below for their full run down of Taylor Stitch's new organic blue jeans.

To read Business Insider’s post in its entirety, click here: