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Fancy Juice Doesn’t Cleanse the Body of Toxins

Chances are you’ve had more than a few people tell you they’re “on a juice cleanse” to rid their body of toxins. Here’s a little secret though, there’s very little chance their juice cleanse is ridding their body of any toxins. In… Continue Reading

Organic Foods Still Aren’t As Mass Market As You Might Think

The organic foods business has been booming the last few years, but are organic foods as popular as they seem? A recent study would suggest they are not. A study by the Journal of Food Products Marketing, measured the sales of 24… Continue Reading

This little plant can reduce the toxins in your home by 85%

Purchasing expensive electronics or isn’t the only way rid your home of harmful toxins, some house plants may have similar abilities. The “paints, carpeting, plastic toys, cleaning agents, and furniture” in our homes can all contain harmful toxins. Toxins in our home… Continue Reading

Reality Check: Does Yoga Release Toxins from the Body?

It’s 2016, and yoga is more popular than ever. As the years go on, its popularity only increases. Along with improving your balance, breathing, and core strength; yoga is said to help release toxins in your body. Studies have shown that yoga… Continue Reading

7 Easy Ways to Remove Toxins from Your Body

We often talk about ways to avoid toxins in our everyday lives. Practices such as reading labels, not purchasing products that are known to contain harmful toxins, and avoiding foods that are sprayed with pesticides are all ways to help ensure we… Continue Reading

Why More Bosses Need To Embrace Napping At Work

Could sleeping at work be good for your health? According to a recent study, the idea is not as far-fetched as it sounds.  The study found that of 196 business leaders surveyed, 43% percent said that they don’t get enough sleep. Surprisingly,… Continue Reading

Could e-cigarettes cause INFERTILITY? Devices ‘contain more toxins than polluted air’

Over the past couple years, many longtime and first-time smokers have shifted away from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes. The belief is that e-cigarettes are safer for our health than traditional cigarettes. However, according to a new study they may contain more harmful… Continue Reading

What exactly are ‘toxins’?

We write about toxins a lot on The, and it makes sense. Informing the public about dangerous toxins is what we hope to do. Sometimes though, the term “toxins” can be confused or misrepresented. So today we are going to take… Continue Reading

Dangerous chemicals found in blood samples of cabin crew raise fears about in-flight ‘poisoning’

We’re all aware of the dangers of flying, but there may be some additional dangers faced by the passengers and crew we aren’t aware of. A new study by German scientists, “have found harmful chemicals known as organophosphates as well as traces… Continue Reading

How To Know If Your ‘Eco’ Skincare Products Are Actually Toxic Free

What does it mean for a product to be organic, hypoallergenic, or non-toxic? When a product identifies itself as “natural”, what and who qualifies it as such? Let’s start with the term “organic”, a term that is “highly regulated”. While the (FDA)… Continue Reading

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