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World ‘facing flood of new toxins’

Remember the Whack-a-Mole game of our youth? Well the fight against pollutants is starting to feel a lot like that. It seems like every time one gets outright banned or regulated, another pops up in its place. And according to Dr. Susan Richardson of the University of South Carolina “new contaminants, some of which are just as – or more – toxic than 'traditional' pollutants like heavy metals, are already finding their way into the world's rivers, lakes, groundwater and drinking water.” These toxins are linked to everyday products such as artificial sweeteners, flame retardants, disinfectants, and many others. As Dr. Richardson explains, “many of the new contaminants arise from common household products like cleansers and furnishings, personal care products, food packaging, and the medical as well as recreational drugs we excrete from our bodies.” Dr. Richardson cautions that while we may not know the true effects of the new toxins, we need to continue to monitor them.

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