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Women now have an organic option for that time of the month

Proctor & Gamble, the company behind Tampax and Always, has introduced its first line of organic tampons. The new line of eco-friendly, organic tampons will be known as Pure.

The new line of tampons will be made using only organic cotton, are “free of dyes, fragrances, and chlorine bleaching, and will consist on “90 percent plant-based material”. Proctor & Gamble is confident that despite the change in materials used, the tampons should provide “the same level of protection as a regular Tampax tampon or Always pad.” While Tampax and Always aren't the first organic tampons or pads to market, they are the first when it comes to widely recognized brands. The Tampax Pearl brand alone saw nearly $300 million dollars’ worth of sales in 2018, almost tripling the next closest competitor.

Proctor & Gamble isn’t just aiming to ensure their customers are healthier, they’ve also pledged to donate one tampon or pad to those in need for every Tampax or Always Pure pack purchased.

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