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Winterize your home against pediatric exposure to poisons

In 2014 we are all more aware than ever of the potentially dangerous toxic chemicals located in our homes. When you have little ones running around the house, knowing and avoiding the dangers of these toxins is never more important. The concerns of American parents is evident in the fact that every year poison centers across the United States receive more than one million calls about instances involving children under the age of 6 who have been exposed to harsh chemicals, and about “90 percent have occurred in the home.” The easiest way to avoid an instance like this occurring in your home is simple, prevention. One way to prevent a potentially harmful occurrence in your home is to ensure when trying to get your children to take medications that you don’t tell them it is candy or some sort of sweet treat. This could lead to an instance where the child, mistaking medications for candy, gains access to harmful medications and isn’t completely aware of their dangers. While a majority of occurrences do not require the intervention of poison centers, it is important to keep their number posted somewhere in the home for the whole family to see.

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