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Why More Bosses Need To Embrace Napping At Work

Could sleeping at work be good for your health? According to a recent study, the idea is not as far-fetched as it sounds.  The study found that of 196 business leaders surveyed, 43% percent said that they don’t get enough sleep. Surprisingly, 46% percent said that “lack of sleep didn’t play a significant role in leadership performance.” Poor sleeping habits can have a negative impact on your “memory, decision-making skills, creativity, and social interactions.” The reason that sleeping at your office could be so beneficial to your health is because when you sleep “Your brain basically goes through a cleanse when you’re not awake: It flushes out harmful toxins while going over information you acquired during the day.” Big companies are taking notice of the benefits of sleeping at the office. Companies such as Google, Zappos, Ben & Jerry’s and The Huffington Post have all incorporated “nap rooms” into their offices. Another way companies can assist employees is by ensuring they use their allotted vacation days.

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