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What Are We Doing to Our Children’s Brains?

For years now parents have had to worry about the types of chemicals present in the toys our children play with, the harmful toxins in the cleaning products used in our homes, and even some of the medications given to our little ones when they are ill. Now there are growing concerns from experts that parents should be worried about a potential many of us have never thought about, that families all over the world face every day, air pollution. Scientists have recently discovered “that chemical compounds common in outdoor air — including components of vehicle exhaust and fine particulate matter — as well as in indoor air and consumer products can… adversely affect brain development, including prenatally.” Recent studies show that “the fetus is not well protected against environmental chemicals that can easily pass through the placenta”. This means parents could potentially be subjecting their babies to harsh chemicals, without their knowledge, before the child is even born. The United States Centers for Disease Control reports that presently “10%-15% of all babies born in the U.S. have some type of neurobehavorial development disorder.” Since air pollution is a relatively new threat to unborn babies, proper state and federal legislation is lacking. While some states have taken steps to make the air healthier to breathe, here’s hoping the federal government will step in soon.

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