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Toxins are still being found in products sold at the Dollar Store and Dollar Tree

A new study released by the Campaign for Healthier Solutions found that more than half of the products sold at Dollar Store and Dollar Tree contain toxic chemicals. The tests conducted studied the levels of toxins in toys, jewelry, school supplies, and household items. According to the Green Prophet, “54%  contained at least one chemical of concern.” Toxins such as BPA, PFAS, PVC, and more were detected. 

A majority of shoppers at these discount stores are low income and minority consumers. These communities are at a higher level of risk due to the inherent health risks faced by these groups.Many families rely on these stores for not only toys and daily essential household items, but also food. And the Retailer Report Card has given them an F grade with 0 points awarded for 3 consecutive years.

While these revelations are disconcerting, there is some good news. Similar tests were conducted in 2015 that found more than 81% of products in these stores contained at least 1 toxic chemical. That means in just a little over 5 years the danger level for their products has fallen by 27%. So at the current rate, bargain stores could be at a rate of less than 5% of their products containing at least 1 harmful toxin in the next 12-15 years. Let’s hope it doesn’t take that long though.

To read the Green Prophet report in its entirety, click here: