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Toxin PFAS detected in one popular brand’s dental floss

Looking for a reason, any excuse really, to not floss? Thanks to Oral-B, some of us might have all the incentive we need to skip what many dentists consider the most important part of caring for our teeth.

In tests conducted by both Silent Spring Institute and Public Health Institute, they found that “women who used Oral-B Glide dental floss had higher levels of perfuoroalkyl substances (also known as PFAS) in their blood than those who didn’t.” They also found that “Glide floss” from Oral-B and some of its competitors contained fluorine, “a marker of PFAS chemicals.” The study compared blood samples of nearly 180 middle-aged women, half of which were white and the other half black. Women that stated they used Oral-B Glide to floss “tended to have higher levels of a PFAS compound called perfluorohexanesulfonic acid, or PFHxS.” In all, researchers studied 18 various dental flosses, and each Glide product tested was found to contain fluorine.

PFAS toxins have been linked to everything from weight gain to fertility issues and even cancer in adults, as well as “lower birth weights in newborns and to thyroid disease, compromised immunity, and lowered sex and growth hormones in children.” The truth is, we all encounter PFAS in our daily lives, whether it’s in non-stick cookware, the products that are used to store our foods, or the floss we use to clean between our teeth. Researchers aren’t here to tell you to stop flossing, but we should be mindful of the products we use and how we may limit our exposure to toxins.

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