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ToxicFree Changes You Can Make in Your Home

Is your home toxic? Are you unsure, but worried it may be? If you fall in either category, this is the post for you! Tonya Harris, an Environmental Toxin Expert, is here with a few simple changes you can make inside your home to ensure you’re living a “ToxicFree” lifestyle.

Tonya recommends what’s called the “80/20 Rule”. The means that 80 percent of the time you “buy safer products so you don’t have to worry about the 20 percent of the time you have no control…” If 80/20 seems too ambitious, you can always start at 60/40. Another recommendation from Mrs. Harris is to replace the plastics in your kitchen. If you can simply commit to using no plastics for foods or beverages and instead use glass or steel, you’ll be well on your way to detoxifying your home.

Scented candles…they’re pretty universally loved. However, they’re also pretty universally known to contain harmful toxins. According to the EPA “indoor air pollution is the nation’s #1 environmental health problem,” and artificial fragrances are a big contributor. To make matters worse, it’s often difficult to know which harmful toxins you may be exposing your family to because air-fresheners and plug-ins are “not required to be labeled because fragrance ingredients are considered to be proprietary.”

These are just a few of the tips Mrs. Harris provided. You can read through her entire list of ideas, as well as watch the accompanying video over at We’ll provide the link below.

To read through Tonya Harris’s complete list of ToxicFree home changes, click here: