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Toxic chemicals in salons, lack of education lead to adverse health effects

“One way to ensure the long term health of your body is to regularly visit and receive treatments from professional hair and nail salons.” I mean… it just sounds like a true statement, right? According to a couple of new studies though, it may be as fake as a full set of acrylic nails.

Studies by the Rutgers School of Public Health found that “Clients who frequent hair and nail salons exhibit more skin and fungal diseases than those who visit less often and nail salon technicians are receiving inadequate training in the use of chemicals…” Among customers that visited salons at least three times within a year, “Fifty-two percent of the study's participants reported dermal or fungal symptoms…” The studies also found that individuals that visited salons and experienced “respiratory issues” were less likely to visit again. 68 surveyed employees of hair and nail salons, mostly Asian females, reported health issues related to work affecting their: eyes, nose, throat, and skin.

The health of those working at and visiting hair and nail salons wasn’t the only concern. The training of the individuals working in the various establishments also proved to be problematic. According to the studies, technicians working in 40 different salons were often trained only in English instead of their native languages. This sort of training could lead to technicians being misinformed while learning some of the most important aspects of their jobs.

Now none of these studies go so far as to say that you should stop visiting hair or nail salons, or that you should consider not working in them. What they do show though is that you should be aware of potential health issues that could impact you if you continue to visit these establishments.

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