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Top ten pet toxins of 2014 from ASPCA

Spring is the perfect season for families to spend some real quality time together. And for many of us our pets are just like family. So it’s important we do what we can to keep our pets safe from potentially dangerous chemicals, just as if we would any other member of your family. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) Animal Poison Control Center, has released a list of the “top ten toxins they received calls for in 2014.” The most common threat to our beloved pets remains unchanged from last year, it’s human medications. Our furry friends are notorious for scavenging almost anything we drop on the floor, especially when they think it’s food, so when taking your medications pay close attention to how you handle them. If you happen to drop some, try and make sure each pill is accounted for. Number 2 on the list are insecticides. That covers items such as fly traps, roach motels, ant traps, etc. When placing these items in your home, try to place them in rooms your pet cannot go or areas they simply can’t get to. Other potential threats consist of human food, lawn and garden products, and even some plants.

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