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This Ingredient Looks Scary - But Has Some Pretty Great Uses

Activated charcoal is listed as one of our Green Light Ingredients. It’s an ingredient that’s used in personal care products, cosmetics, and some household cleaning products. Activated charcoal is charcoal “that’s been mixed with oxygen to become especially absorbent…” Its use dates back all the way to North American Indians who used it for “gas pains and skin infections”. It was even used in ancient Greece by Hippocrates a physician who used it for medicinal purposed. A recent article by Yahoo! Health outlines some of the many health benefits of Activated charcoal. Yahoo! Health lists facial masks, toothpaste, eyeliner, and room deodorizers are just a few of the products made better by Activated charcoal. While Activated charcoal may not be the most enticing looking ingredient, its effectiveness is certain.

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