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The FDA continues to add to its list of recalled hand sanitizers

We’re back with another hand sanitizer recall blog post. This week we have another update from the United States Food and Drug Administration regarding potentially toxic hand sanitizers. The list of hand sanitizers that could potentially contain dangerous levels of the toxin methanol now stands at nearly 60.

Amid reports of methanol ingestion leading to hospitalizations, blindness, and death, the FDA wants to remind the public that methanol is considered unsafe for topical use and should never be ingested. Injury reports aside, the FDA doesn’t even consider methanol “an acceptable active ingredient for hand sanitizers”.

Setting aside for a moment the presence of a toxin such as methanol in daily use hand sanitizers, the FDA also wants Americans to ignore hand sanitizers labeled “FDA Approved”, as the FDA does not approve any hand sanitizers. That’s right, regardless of what labels these companies place on their products, no hand sanitizers are approved by the FDA.

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