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The 10 Most Common Household Toxins to Avoid While Pregnant

Spring has arrived! Warming temperatures and blooming followers always seem to be accompanied by pregnancy announcements. It truly is the season of new beginnings. But with those exciting pregnancy announcements, there can also sometimes be a cause for concern. It’s important for expecting and new mothers to pay close attention to the products they ingest and are exposed to. Every single chemical moms interact with has the potential to be passed on to their little bundle of joy. Woman’s Day is here with a list of “10 Common Household Chemicals to Avoid While Pregnant”. On this blog, we’re going to look at just a couple of the chemicals explored by Woman’s Day.

Mercury – It’s important to maintain a diverse and healthy diet when expecting, but when consuming seafood expectant mothers must pay close attention to mercury levels in their dish. Mercury has been shown to “impede[s] brain and nervous system development.” Large predatory fish often contain the highest levels of Mercury. So instead of seafood like tuna, shark, swordfish, or king mackerel; future mothers should be eating seafood “like shrimp, pollock, tilapia, cod, anchovies, sardines, and trout.”

Bisphenol A (BPA) – Expectant mothers are often encouraged to drink a lot of water, especially during their third trimester. Bisphenol A is often used in the manufacturing of “polycarbonate plastic for water jugs and bottles, baby bottles, tableware like plates and cups, and food storage containers.” BPA is a toxic chemical that disrupts the body’s endocrine system, and has been linked to “developmental and reproductive harm, including earlier onset of puberty, increased susceptibility to breast and prostate cancer, and changes in gender specific behavior caused by altered brain development.”

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