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So you want to eat organic? Here are the organic foods you should be eating.

If 2019 is the year you’ve finally decided to commit to only eating organic, well you’re in luck. This week, has a list of foods from experts that you should be eating if you want to commit to an organic diet.

Before we dive in, what exactly makes food “organic” and why is eating organic a new trend in healthy eating? In order to be classified as organic, the food needs to be produced without the use pesticides. According to studies, “nearly 70% of produce sold in the US harbors residues from potentially harmful pesticides.” And what about the health benefits you ask? Well in 2018, a study of almost 70,000 consumers found that “those who ate the most organic food had 25% fewer cancers compared to those who ate the least.” Needless to say, a 25 percent reduction in your chances of contracting cancer is encouraging.

Now, on to the list. Parade has compiled a number of organic foods experts say we should be eating. We’re going to touch on just a few here, but we encourage you to visit the link below for the complete lineup.


Recent studies show that grapes rank in the Top 10 of all foods exposed to pesticides. And as we know, grapes are the main ingredient in wine. In addition to organic wines being free of pesticides, they’re also “lower in sulfites, chemical preservatives that can trigger asthma-like symptoms in some people,” according to Parade.

Meat & Dairy:

Our meat and dairy products come from animals that we’ve raised and fed. And if they were fed products containing pollutants, the meat and dairy products we bring home is going to contain these toxins.

Again, these are just a few examples of organic products we should be consuming for healthier eating.’s list includes everything from papaya and snap peas, to apricots and plums. Check out the link below for a full breakdown from Parade.

Click here for’s complete list of organic foods to buy: