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Scented household products may be hazardous to our health

A new study suggests that the International Fragrance Association may not have been completely truthful with information about the dangers of the use of “fragrances”. This time though, it’s not the American government who’s challenging their claims, instead it’s a “tiny women’s advocacy organization in Missoula, Montana”, known as the Women’s Voices for the Earth. The group has pointed out not only the use of toxic chemicals in its [International Fragrance Association] products, but flaws in their scientific claims as well. While a 2005 California law requires cosmetic manufacturers to report products that use toxic chemicals, experts claim companies often fail to report properly. Another issue is that the fragrance industry is for the most part allowed to govern itself. Women’s Voices for the Earth takes issue with the fact that “the vast majority of scientific studies exploring fragrance safety are produced by fragrance houses themselves, or the industry’s research institute.” Furthermore, there are concerns that their scientific studies are rarely published, and are not peer reviewed. They fear that although more than 180 toxic ‘fragrances’ have been banned, “the industry does little to ensure that its standards are actually being followed.” The claims of Women’s Voices for the Earth have not gone unheard. In November of 2015 the fragrance industry released a statement reading “the industry is committed to addressing consumers’ interests through a continuous health and environmental safety review.” One goal of concerned citizens is for even more transparency on product labels; however companies continue to push back against this for fear of their products being counterfeited.

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