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RevitaDerm Wound Care Gel; recalled due to presence of Bacillus cereus

A single lot of RevitaDerm Wound Care Gel, manufactured by Blaine Labs Company, has been recalled due to a Bacillus cereus contamination. Distributed nationwide to 60+ doctor’s offices in 17 states, RevitaDerm Wound Care Gel is applied topically.


Recalled Product:

RevitaDerm Wound Care Gel

1 ounce bottle and 3 ounce tubes

Lot Code # BL 2844

Expiration Date: 02/19/2023


For individuals that aren’t immunocompromised, Bacillus cereus doesn’t pose a serious risk. Individuals that are immunocompromised or preterm neonates could actually be at great risk.


The RevitaDerm Wound Care Gel was distributed in 1 ounce bottles with a witch-hat dispensing cap, and 3 ounce tubes. Physicians that received the recalled product have been notified, and asked to stop prescribing it and return it to RevitaDerm. RevitaDerm advises any patient that has been prescribed RevitaDerm Wound Care Gel to stop using it and return it to their physician.


If you have questions related to the use of this product you should consult your primary care doctor, or you can reach out to Blaine Labs directly by calling 1-800-307-8818 or by email at 


To read the release on the FDA’s website in its entirety, follow this link: