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Reminder: Don’t eat the snow, it’s full of toxins

While the end of winter approaches, snowfall continues in many parts of the country. And for many children, each time they get to play in the snow, they play like it may be their last time. Whether they’re building snowmen, snowballs, or making snow angles, there’s one thing to remember: don’t let them eat the snow. A recent study published in Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts “found that snow in urban areas soaks up the toxic and cancer-causing nanoparticles that are found in car exhaust.” So while the snow removes the toxins remove the air, consuming snow can bring those toxins straight into our children’s bodies.” The study conducted in Montreal, Quebec found high levels of toxins such as benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylenes in snow after just one hour of exposure to exhaust fumes. According to Parisa Ariya, the lead author of the study, the question now is “what happens [to the toxins] after the snow melts”? For that answer, more research is needed. For now though, it’s important to remind our children that eating snow is NOT safe.

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