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Reduce the number of toxins in your body by donating blood? It may be possible.

Could donating blood and plasma be the key to reducing forever chemicals in our bodies? Early results of an Australian study of nearly 300 firefighters shows that donating blood and plasma may in fact be an effective method.

We’ve known for some time that PFAS can be found in our drinking water, food non-stick utensils, water resistant materials and more. New tests even allow us to test the amount of forever toxins in the air of indoor spaces. Spaces like warehouses, homes, offices, and even your child’s classroom.

Over a 12 month period, 285 Australian firefighters donated blood every 12 weeks and plasma every 6 weeks. Firefighters were used in the study because they encounter more forever chemicals than the average person. Those that donated blood showed an overall forever chemical reduction of 1.1 ng/ML, and those donating plasma proved much more effective with an overall reduction of 2.9 ng/mL. What makes these results even more encouraging is that so far no other methods have been developed to reduce the amount of forever chemicals in the body.

So what’s behind the results of the study? Well it's actually quite simple on the surface. PFAS binds itself to the serum protein in our blood. So if you donate blood/plasma, you’d be reducing the number of forever chemicals in your body.

While the initial findings of this study are encouraging, more research on the findings needs to of course be done. Especially when it comes to the question of what dangers donated blood/plasma with forever chemicals might pose to blood/plasma recipients. This is a promising start though.

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