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Plants that can help improve the air quality in our homes

Spring has sprung! We’re now almost a week into our favorite season of the year! Spring is a time when many Americans begin the work on their gardens and flower beds. Did you know though that many of your beloved outdoor plants can be brought indoors to help improve the quality of the air our family breathes? It’s true! Let us show you!


Peace Lily

The Peace Lily. Peace lilies are gorgeous to look at, they make a great gift when you’re looking to brighten another person's day, and some experts believe they can “purify your air by as much as 60%”. In addition to the air purifying benefits, placing one in your bathroom has also been shown to reduce the amount of mildew that builds up. 

Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe. It’s in almost everything these days. Heck, they’ve even managed to put it into our toilet tissue. That’s because aloe has been proven to be a natural way of helping to heal skin issues. Aside from the benefits the gel provides our skin, the plant is also great at being a miniature air purifier! As explains, “when tested, aloe vera was great at eliminating volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, from the air. These chemicals can be released from cleaning supplies and even furniture.” Aside from the obvious health benefits, aloe vera plants don’t cost a lot of money and require little watering.

The article outlined 10 plants that help improve the air quality inside our homes, but we’ve covered just a couple of them here. We encourage you to visit the link below for more on indoor plants that can help improve your air quality.

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