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Onions and salmonella recall update

Just a couple weeks ago we wrote about a recall by ProSource Produce of red, yellow, and white onions originating from Chihuahua, Mexico. Shortly thereafter, a recall was initiated by Potandon Produce. Both recalls were issued over salmonella concerns, and Potandon Produce has now updated their recall.

Seven varieties of onions supplied by Keeler Family Farms and sold by Potandon Produce as Green Giant Fresh have been recalled. Yellow onions in 3 and 5 pound bags and white onions in 2 pound bags, shipped between July 15 and August 22, 2021 are part of the recall. The recalled onions were shipped from a distribution center in Champaign, Illinois.

Salmonella often isn’t too concerning for young and healthy consumers, resulting in not much more than abdominal pain and vomiting. However, children, the elderly, and those with weakened immune systems could experience more worrying symptoms. In some rare cases, those individuals can suffer from sometimes fatal infections. 

If you purchased any of these recalled onions, you should discard them or return them to your retailer for a refund. As of this time, no other Green Giants canned or frozen vegetables have been recalled. The link below will provide you with an up to date list of the recalled onions from Potandon Produce.

To read the full release on the FDA’s website, click here: