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New study shows kids exposed to toxic chemicals on artificial turf

As parents we go to great lengths to keep our family, especially our children, safe. That means taking the extra time to read cleaning product labels, limiting the amount of time our children sit in front of the television/computer screens, ensuring our kids eat healthy foods, and making sure our children spend plenty of time playing outside. It’s one of those activities though that could actual expose our children to potentially harmful toxins…playing outside. According to a new study, “ground rubber found in sports fields and playgrounds often contains cancer-causing chemicals.” Made from recycled tires, the material is often referred to as “crumb-rubber”, and is “used as padding in synthetic turf fields and in some playgrounds”. The study was led by Yale University professor Dr. Gaboury Benoit, and found “96 chemicals in 14 samples” and “researchers also found 40 percent of the chemicals are known irritants, including 12 or 24 percent which are respiratory irritants.” These chemicals have been linked to not only asthma, but in some cases, cancer.  And while the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the EPA both said “crumb-rubber” was safe when they conducted studies on it five years ago, they both are in agreement that new studies are needed. Unfortunately, at this time, no new studies are planned. 

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