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More than a dozen varieties of Royal Ice Cream recalled due to listeria monocytogenes

The presence of Listeria monocytogenes has led to The Royal Ice Cream Company expanding its recall of Royal Ice Cream products to now include 14 total varieties. Each of the products was produced at their plant in Connecticut and has a manufacturing plant number of “CT121” or “CT#121”. The recalled products were sold in pints, half gallons, sandwiches, and portion control slices.


Recalled Products:

Batch brand pints, all flavors

Royal Ice Cream Brand half Gallons, pints, cakes, all specialties.

Ronny Brook Ice cream all flavor pints & 3 gallon tubs

New Orleans Ice cream all flavor pints & 2.5-gallon tubs

Maple Valley Ice Cream all flavor pints

Art Cream all pint Flavors

Sweet Scoops Yogurt all pint Flavors

Gelato Fiasco all pint Flavors

Biggy Iggy’s Ice Cream Sandwiches

Munson Chip Wich Ice Cream sandwiches

Giffords Ice cream Sandwiches all flavors

Chewy Louie Ice Cream Sandwiches

Snow Wich Ice Cream Sandwich

Newport Creamery – Crazy Vanilla, Van & Choc , Vanilla & Coffee HG – only


The recall was initiated after a sampling by the FDA revealed Listeria monocytogenes on “processing equipment” at Royal Ice Cream’s manufacturing facility. The Royal Ice Cream Company didn’t stop at issuing their recall though. They’re also “holding future product and testing before releasing distribution of the products” while they and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration conduct their investigation.

Consumers that purchased any of the above recalled products are urged to return them to their retailer for a refund. If you have questions about the recall, you can reach The Royal Ice Cream Company at 1-860-649-5358.

To read the full release on the FDA’s website, click here: