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Moor Herbs recalls infant Angel Formula for not meeting nutrition and labeling requirements

Moor Herbs of Detroit, Michigan has issued a recall of their Angel Formula for infants. The recall was issued after U.S. Food and Drug Administration testing determined it had elevated levels of a handful of ingredients, and was missing one very important ingredient. For their part, Moor Herbs claimed in marketing of the product that it met all required standards for ingredients.

The reason the recall says Moor Herbs didn’t meet nutrition or labeling requirements is quite scary. FDA testing found the levels of iron, potassium, and sodium to all be over the “maximum allowed”. This isn’t just a case of your child getting some extra vitamins either. Too much iron can lead to what’s known as an electrolyte imbalance. Elevated levels of ingredients wasn’t their only issue. Their Infant Formula was missing another key vitamin for your child’s growth, Vitamin D. As the FDA’s website explains, “a vitamin D deficiency can potentially lead to rickets, a softening and weakening of bones.”

It should go without saying, these are some extremely concerning findings by the FDA. That’s likely why Moor Herbs moved so quickly to recall all of their Angel Formula, a product they began shipping nearly 3 years ago. These products were distributed locally in Detroit, Michigan and nationwide through their website. They were sold in 16 oz. bottles. Unfortunately, and again this might be part of their issue, there are no UPC or Lot codes on the bottles. If you purchased this recalled formula, you should contact Moor Herbs or your retailer for a refund.

Fortunately, so far there have been no illnesses or injuries reported related to this recall. If you used this formula for your child and have concerns about their health, you should contact your child’s health care provider.

To read the release in full on the FDA’s website, click here: