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Mislabeled Skyline Chili recalled due to undeclared allergen concerns

More than 2,000 pounds of Skyline Chili Original Chili has been recalled by Morgan Foods because what was shipped to retailers was not in fact chili. Instead Cream of Chicken Condensed Soup was incorrectly labeled as Skyline Chili Original Chili.


Recalled Products:

Skyline Chili Original Chili 10.5 oz.

Lot code #L2121

Product code #CHC8T UPY

Best by date of Dec. 21, 2023


Mislabeled products can lead to the consumption of undeclared allergens. These recalled products contain milk, soy, and wheat. Potential allergens that were not declared to customers purchasing the chili. Undeclared allergens as we know now can have mild effects, but they can also be extremely dangerous, especially for those with weakened immune systems. Children, the elderly, and pregnant women are all in much greater danger when it comes to the consumption of undeclared allergens.

The mislabeling wasn’t caught by Morgan Foods. It was actually brought to their attention by consumers reporting the issues. So far there have been no illnesses reported related to this recall. Customers that purchased the mislabeled and recalled chili can return it to their retailer for a refund.

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