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Many masks worn to protect against Covid-19 contain harmful toxins

Carcinogens, allergens, and synthetic microfibers. According to scientists in Germany, that’s what we’re exposing our bodies to when we wear nonwoven surgical masks for an extended period of time.

Curious scientists at the Hamburg Environmental Institute in Germany conducted tests on masks that were causing issues for those wearing them. Masks tested were found to contain everything from cobalt (blue dye) to aniline (a known carcinogen), and even formaldehyde. Why’s formaldehyde used you might ask? It’s used to give that “clean” smell when new packages are opened.

So just what does exposure to carcinogens like formaldehyde for mask wearers mean? Well for 1 nurse required to wear a mask all day while at work, it meant suffering from itchy and burning rashes on her face where the surgical mask touched her skin. Not long after removing the mask symptoms would subside, but they would return hours later when she put the required mask back on.

According to the Daily Mail, 85% of all masks made worldwide come from China. Since they’re not PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), they don’t have to meet the same safety standards as masks worn by nurses and doctors. There are certain industry standards they’re supposed to meet, but not all masks do, and they’re barely regulated. Both the United Kingdom and United States have regulation standards, but in 2020 alone more than 70,000 companies signed up to sell face masks in China. How can any country monitor that kind of volume? The answer is likely that they cannot, which is why we’re seeing so many issues with masks. Masks are supposed to help protect us from Covid-19, but who’s going to protect us from the toxins contained in our masks?

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