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Incorrect strength labeling leads to voluntary medication recall

One lot of Telmisartan Tablets sold by Alembic Pharmaceuticals, used to treat hypertension, has been recalled because 40mg pills were accidentally distributed in bottles labeled as 20mg. Taking double the strength of pills could according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration cause “low blood pressure, worsening of kidney function, or an elevation of potassium which can be life threatening.”


Recalled Products:

Telmisartan Tablets - 30 count

NDC Number 62332-087-30

Lot Number 1905005661

Expires March 2022


Customers that use Telmisartan Tablets shouldn’t necessarily cease use. Instead they should first talk to their medical provider. If you do need to return or exchange your purchase of Telmisartan Tablets, you can do so by returning them to your local retailer. Alembic Pharmaceuticals is in the process of contacting distributors and retailers regarding the recall. So far, no illnesses or injuries have been reported that are related to this mixup.

To read the full recall on the FDA’s website, click here: