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How to Detox Your Home

Spring is of course the season of cleaning, but for many it’s also the season of home detoxing. Home detoxing is of course the act of ridding your home of potentially harmful chemicals that have been brought inside throughout the year. Presently more than 80,000 chemicals are legal in the United States, and 60,000 of those chemicals were not thoroughly studied by the Environmental Protection Agency prior to being grandfathered into the Toxic Substances Act of 1976. Many of these chemicals have been shown to be harmful to families, as well as their pets. There are ways you can protect your pets and loved ones though as you begin your spring cleaning. One way to rid your home of toxins is to ensure they never make it inside. Taking off your shoes when you enter your home is a good way to start. As U.S. Health News explains, “Our shoes track in all kinds of things from pesticides to road grease to urine.” Utilizing live greenery and letting fresh air in is another great way to keep your home free of potentially harmful toxins. That means bringing in fresh plants, cleaning out air ducts, and opening windows to help flush your home of “stale air”. This isn’t all that can be done, nor does it need to be done all at one time, but tips such as these are a great place to start.

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