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How to Avoid Products with Bisphenol-S

For years now scientists have known of the dangers associated with a chemical such as bisphenol-A (BPA). The harmful toxin has been linked to brain and behavior problems, hormone level issues, heart problems, and even cancer. What made BPA so dangerous was just how many companies used it to produce their products, especially the alarming number of baby products that were produced using BPA. The chemical was commonly found in plastic drinking water bottles, but it was also found in baby bottles, sippy cups, and baby formula cans. Due to the serious health concerns, an alternative was created in bisphenol-S (BPS). The chemical compound was used in plastics to replace the harmful toxin bisphenol-A, in the increasingly popular “BPA-free” products. Scientists are now learning that this replacement chemical isn’t so safe either. BPS has been found to be “disruptive not only to the body's hormone system, but to brain circuitry in developing animal embryos.” Another major concern is that “companies are under no obligation to tell consumers what chemicals are used in the manufacture of their product…” The best way you protect your loved ones is to avoid products such as hard plastic sports bottles, non-stick cookware, and plastic food storage containers.

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