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Household dust is laced with toxic chemicals, study finds

A first of its kind new study has found that not only is dust the sign of a home that’s missed a cleaning or two, it’s also potentially harmful to our health. The newest concerns with dust go far beyond sneezing. The study was conducted by five institutions across 14 states, and found that common household dust not only contained harmful chemicals in “90 percent of dust samples taken”, but at least one of those chemicals has been shown to cause cancer. What makes the findings so troubling is the source of the toxic chemicals. They came from “common consumer goods, including furniture, personal hygiene products, flooring, baby products, cleaning supplies, fast food and food packaging.” Chemicals such as: TCEP, DEP, DEHP, BBzP, CnBP, PFOA, and PFOS can all be found in common everyday products. And now they’re being found in the dust in our homes. Maybe the most concerning chemical found in the dust tested were Phthalates. Phthalates have been linked to not only reproductive issues, but in some cases cancer. And the Phthalates found in items like toys and vinyl flooring "occured in the highest concentrations."

The dust, and the toxins it contains, can be inhaled, ingested, or even absorbed through the skin. While consumer advocate groups wait on the government to regulate the harmful toxins we’re being exposed to, there are ways to protect yourself and your family today. Experts recommend “washing your hands​​ with plain soap and water, vacuuming with a HEPA-filter, wet mopping and dusting with a damp cloth can reduce exposure to dust…”

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