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Hershey temporarily shelves chocolate shell topping due to undeclared almonds

If you purchased any of Hershey’s tasty chocolate shell topping in the last month or so, you might be in for a different sounding crunch than you’re used to. That’s because Hershey accidentally filled almost 2,000 bottles of Hershey Shell Topping with Heath Shell Topping. Heath Shell Topping is made of almonds, and since Hershey Shell Topping is not, almonds were not listed on the label. The Hershey Company has issued a voluntary recall of the products in question.


Recalled Product:

Hershey Shell Topping

Lot Code: 25JSAS1

Size: 7.25 oz.

Amount recalled: 1,700 bottles

Shipped: April 15 - May3, 2021


Consuming almonds for can be extremely dangerous for those with a sensitivity or allergy. In the most extreme cases, consumption of almonds by someone with an allergy can lead to serious and sometimes life-threatening reactions. The 1,700 recalled bottles of Hershey Shell Topping were shipped to retailers between April 15th and May 3rd of this year. Hershey has asked retailers to remove the recalled products from their shelves.

If you purchased the shell topping before April 15th of this year, your product is not part of the recall. If you’ve purchased the recalled Hershey Shell Topping, it can be returned to your retailer for a refund. So far there have been no reported injuries related to this recall.

To read the full recall on the FDA’s website, click here: