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Here’s When (and Why) You Should Opt for Organic Groceries

The popularity of organic foods continues to grow. In 2017, “80 percent of Americans had organic products at home.”  But have you always wondered why so many people swear by organic only foods? The desire to avoid chemicals and additives that might be harmful to your health is often the driving force. Now that we know what drives families to buy organic, what are some reasons you might choose to do so? Here’s a breakdown of a couple things to consider before you decide to become an organic shopper.

Do you suffer from food allergies? If so, organic may be right for you. Organic products often contain fewer ingredients, and fewer ingredients could mean a reduced chance of food allergies.

Is shopping locally important to you? Local farmer’s markets and bodegas are becoming more and more important to citizens of urban neighborhoods. Shopping and buying locally makes them feel a certain connection with their communities that some feel we’ve lost. Aside from the emotional connection, these stores are often a great place find locally sourced organic fruits and vegetables.

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