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Hard Dawn Rise and Shine Capsules recalled due to presence of tadalafil

Hard Dawn Rise and Shine, a male sexual enhancement sold by Esupplementsales LLC, has been recalled due to the undeclared presence of tadalafil. Individuals that consume Hard Dawn Rise and Shine Capsules are at great risk if they’re also taking prescription drugs that include nitrates.


Recalled Products:

Hard Dawn Rise and Shine Capsules

Lot # 2107

Expiration Date of 07/2024


Tadalafil is a phosphodiesterase (PDE-5). PDE-5 is often found in products approved by the FDA for erectile dysfunction treatment. Consumers living with diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease are often prescribed prescription drugs containing nitrates. When PDE-5 and prescription drugs containing nitrates are taken together, patients could experience a “life threatening” drop in blood pressure levels.

Hard Dawn Rise and Shine Capsules were sold as a supplement for male sexual enhancement online through The product was packaged in 10 count blister cards. Esupplementsales LLC was made aware of the presence of PDE-5 by Amazon. According to the FDA’s release, Amazon’s laboratory analysis “found the product to be tainted with tadalafil.” If you’ve purchased Hard Dawn Rise and Shine Capsules, you should stop using them. They can be returned to Amazon for a refund.

For all of the info on this recall, visit the FDA’s website at: