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Grimmway farms recalls a few varieties of packaged carrots due to salmonella concerns

Another week, and another round of salmonella related recalls. Last week it was prepackaged salads. This week it’s the carrots that just may go into those salads. Grimmway Farms has initiated a recall of a few of their carrot varieties due to salmonella concerns. Unlike last week’s salad recall, fortunately no illnesses have been reported so far linked to this recall.


Recalled Products:

Organic Cut and Peeled Baby Carrots

Brand/Size: Bunny Luv 1 lb. bag

UPC: 0 3338390205 0

Best By Date: AUG 17 21 AUG 20 21


Organic Premium Petite Carrots

Brand/Size: Bunny Luv 3 lb. bag

UPC:0 7878351301 7

Best By Date: AUG 15 21


Organic Petite Carrots

Brand/Size: Cal-Organic 12 oz. bag

UPC:0 7878390810 3

Best By Date: AUG 15 21 


Shredded Carrots

Brand/Size: Grimmway Farms 10 oz. bag

UPC:0 7878350610 1

Best By Date: AUG 09 21 


Organic Peeled Baby-Cut Carrots

Brand/Size: O Organics 1 lb. bag

UPC:0 7989340850 7

Best By Date: AUG 15 21


Organic Baby Rainbow Carrots

Brand/Size: O Organics 12 oz. bag

UPC:0 7989398162 8

Best By Date: AUG 13 21 AUG 14 21


Salmonella often isn’t a concern for young healthy adults. Contracting salmonella without any underlying conditions, while unpleasant, usually results in no more than symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and maybe a fever. For children, the elderly, women that are pregnant, or individuals with weakened immune systems; salmonella can be dangerous. And sometimes deadly. It’s important if you’ve consumed any of the recalled carrots that you contact your physician. If you still have any of these products in your home, you should throw them out or return them to your retailer for a refund.

To read the full post from Grimmway Farms and the FDA, click here: