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Greenhead frozen cooked lobster recalled over listeria concerns

Nearly 6,000 pounds of lobster have been recalled. Greenhead Lobster Products of Bucksport, Maine recently notified the U.S. Food and Drug Administration of the recall. The reason for the recall? According to Greenhead and the FDA, the 5,749 lbs. of frozen cooked lobster has been recalled due to the possible presence of listeria monocytogenes.


Recalled Products:

Greenhead Lobster Frozen Cooked Claw and Knuckle Meat 2lbs.

2lbs portioned clear bag

5/10/23, 6/8/23, 6/9/23, 6/10/23,6/15/23, 6/17/23, 6/23/23, 6/28/23, 8/3/23

Greenhead Lobster Frozen Cooked Claw and Knuckle Meat 1lbs.

1lbs portioned clear bag


Greenhead Lobster Frozen Cooked Broken Meat 2lbs.

2lbs portioned clear bag

5/10/23, 6/17/23, 6/22/23, 6/23/23, 8/3/23, 8/24/23, 8/25/23

Greenhead Lobster Frozen Cooked Tail Meat 2lbs

2lbs portioned clear bag

6/17/23, 6/22/23, 6/23/23

Greenhead Lobster Frozen Cooked Claw and Knuckle Meat 10.3 oz

10.3 Oz portioned printed bag

5/10/23, 6/9/23, 6/10/23

Greenhead Lobster Frozen Cooked Scored Claws 3lbs

3lbs portioned clear bag

6/8/23, 6/15/23


The source of the recall was found during a “routine sampling program” according to the company. We’ve written it before, but it’s important to know that Listeria generally speaking isn’t serious or deadly. Though for the young, elderly, or people with weakened immune systems it can pose serious risk. As of the time writing this post, there are no illnesses to report related to this recall.

Greenhead Lobster Products wants to make sure customers know that no other Greenhead products are being recalled at this time. To check your Greenhead Lobster Products to see if they’ve been recalled, the Best If Used By date is going to be your best indicator. According to the FDA and Greenhead, it can be located on the white label on the front of the package.

To read the FDA’s release on this recall, follow this link: