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Frozen shrimp sold at major retailers recalled due to salmonella concerns

A June 2021 recall of Avanti frozen shrimp over salmonella concerns has been widened. The recalled products were sold across the United States in major retailers such as: Food Lion, Meijer, Target, Whole Foods, and others.

When the initial recall was issued, a half dozen Americans had been sickened. That number has now reached 9. With 3 individuals needing to be hospitalized. The sickened consumers reside in Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, and Rhode Island.

Salmonella is something that unfortunately we have to write about a lot on this site. What is fortunate though is, like in this case, salmonella doesn’t often result in serious medical complications. Usually those infected suffer from diarrhea, vomiting, and/or a fever, and as NPR points out, “recover from salmonella without treatment within a week. There are real concerns though for children, the elderly, pregnant mothers, or those with weakened immune systems. According to the CDC, these individuals could face a more serious sickness. Fortunately, so far no deaths have been reported related to this recall.

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