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Forever toxins found in breast milk during study

Researchers from Toxic-Free Future, Indiana University, the University of Washington, and the Seattle Children’s Research Institute recently published their findings on a study that found 100% of breast milk samples tested contained forever toxins PFAS (per- and polyfluorinated substances).

Forever toxins have been linked to reproductive and immune system disorders, as well as cancer and other diseases. And these forever toxins can be found everywhere! They’re in our food packaging, clothing, carpet, and upholstery.

The study analyzed PFAS in the breast milk of 50 women. Nearly 40 different types of PFAS chemicals were studied, along with as explains, “9 current-use compounds”. In all, a total of 16 forever toxins were detected with a dozen being found in more than half of the samples. So not only do new and nursing mothers have forever toxins in their bodies, they’re likely passing them onto their newborns. It’s important if you’re a new mother to not cease breastfeeding your child out of concern for forever toxins though. As doctors maintain that until more is known, the benefit of the breastmilk far outweighs any forever toxins concern.

While some companies have taken a proactive approach to their use of these toxins, more robust federal legislation is likely needed. Rep. Debbie Dingell is working to introduce legislation that would “ban all PFAS in food packaging”. That bill will likely face opposition from big business backers though. The progress made on limiting our exposure to these toxins will be an important story to follow moving forward.

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