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Elevated Aflatoxin levels in dog food leads to hundreds of sickened dogs, recall initiated

Indiana based, Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc., and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have issued a recall of their Sportmix dry dog food due to elevated aflatoxin levels. The recall was initiated after 130 dog deaths and 220 illnesses were linked to their food. Aflatoxin poisoning symptoms in pets include diarrhea, loss of appetite, jaundice, and vomiting.

This expanded aflatoxin recall can actually be traced all the way back to a December 2020 recall report. It was then expanded in January of 2021, again in March, and now here we are today...with another recall of Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc. dog food. points out that the number of illnesses and deaths may not be completely accurate. The numbers could actually be worse, and they could also be better. They’ve yet to conduct laboratory testing or review veterinary records, so they’re unsure whether they can tie all of these incidents to heightened aflatoxin levels.

If you believe your pet has consumed any of the recalled foods, you should contact your pet’s veterinarian immediately. The recalled foods should be discarded or returned to their place of purchase.

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